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Rajinikanth Memorizes Actor Sarath Babu's Advice to Quit Smoking with Emotion

In a heartfelt homage to his late actor buddy Sarath Babu on Tuesday, Superstar Rajinikanth remembered the latter's advise to give up smoking, stating the late veteran would even grab away the stub and put it out if he saw him doing so. After paying respects to Sarath Babu's mortal remains here, Rajinikanth said that, in consideration of his friend's opinions, he would refrain from smoking in front of the actor.
The 71-year-old Sarath Babu passed away on Monday at a hospital in Hyderabad while receiving care for multiple organ failure. Later, his lifeless remains were transported here.
The seasoned actor claimed to have known Sarath Babu long before he started acting and that they were close friends. The late actor was a wonderful person, a loyal friend, and always cheerful.
“I have never seen him becoming grave or furious. You are all aware that the movies I acted in with him, including Mullum Malarum, Muthu, Annamalai, and Velaikkaran, were all huge successes. He had a great deal of love and compassion for me and would always be sorry that I smoked and would urge me to give up the habit for a long life. He would grab the cigarette and put it out if he saw me smoking. Therefore, I won't smoke in front of him, Rajinikanth informed the media.
The leading man recounted how Sarath Babu calmed him down by obtaining a cigarette when a crucial moment in “Annamalai” did not turn out as planned, suggesting that the latter made an exception to this rule.
“In Annamalai, there is a crucial moment in which Rajinikanth challenges Sarath Babu after their relationship soured. This scene required several takes since the emotions did not come over clearly. After he brought me a cigarette, I felt at ease and the take was accepted. He often gave me health advice, but he is no longer with us, Rajinikanth recalled.
Celebrities from the Tamil film industry, such as Surya, Karthi, and Suhasini, paid respect to Sarath Babu.

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