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ONGC plants 5K saplings in Panvel

Continuing its green endeavour, ONGC Mumbai has planted 5000 trees employing the Miyawaki method at its Panvel Phase II campus in association with M/s.Green Yatra. Mr Vijay Raj, Head Regional Office, Mumbai, Mr N K Singhal, Chief Logging Services, Mr S Bose, Head Uran Plant, Mr Rajiv Nischal, Head IPEOT, Mr N C Kanoji, Head Nhava Supply Base and other senior officers led the enthusiastic team of employees, their spouses and ONGC Panvel KV students in planting the saplings.

This initiative is a part of ‘India Energy Week-2024’ (IEW) scheduled to be held at Goa in February, 2024. Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has declared IEW as a carbon neutral event. As a part of making IEW 2024 “Carbon Neutral”, tree plantation campaign is being proactively carried out across all ONGC work centres.

Tree planation has always been a mission of ONGC in making Mumbai green and in the last three years, the corporate as a CSR initiative, has planted 14,100 trees through the Miyawaki method at various designated places in Navi Mumbai and Panvel.

ONGC has put in place a robust monitoring system in association with the NGO Green Yatra to ensure the growth of the saplings into thick urban forests.

In conclusion, ONGC Mumbai’s commitment to environmental sustainability and green initiatives is commendable, as evidenced by the recent planting of 5000 trees using the Miyawaki method at its Panvel Phase II campus. The active participation of senior officers, employees, their spouses, and ONGC Panvel KV students reflects a collective enthusiasm for fostering a greener environment. This initiative, aligned with the ‘India Energy Week-2024’ and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas’s declaration of the event as carbon neutral, underscores ONGC’s dedication to responsible corporate citizenship. Over the past three years, the company has consistently pursued its mission of making Mumbai green through tree plantation, having planted a total of 14,100 trees using the Miyawaki method. The implementation of a robust monitoring system in collaboration with the NGO Green Yatra further ensures the successful growth of these saplings into thriving urban forests. ONGC’s ongoing efforts exemplify a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship, setting a positive example for sustainable practices in the industry.

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