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“Whatever Scumbag Has Taken It”: David Warner’s father loses his mind about his son’s “Baggy Green” that was taken

<p>The “scumbag” who stole his son’s “Baggy Green” hat before his last Test began on Wednesday at the Sydney Cricket Ground has come under fire from David Warner’s father. Warner had disclosed on the eve of his last Test match that he had misplaced his Test cap while traveling from Melbourne to Sydney. Warner went public, but he hasn’t been able to locate his “Baggy Green.” Anthony Albanese, the prime minister of Australia, has also begged for Warner’s priceless asset to be returned as soon as possible.</p>
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<p>Warner exited the field in a new cap as Pakistan chose to bat in the first Test.</p>
<p>Howard Warner, Warner’s father, voiced his anger that someone might have purposefully removed the “Baggy Green,” calling the culprit a “scumbag.” In addition, he asked the guy to give back his son’s headgear.</p>
<p>“Whoever took it is going to have to give it up pretty soon. Somewhere, they’ll discover it discarded. I am aware of his emotions. If he can’t, he can’t wear that baggy green as much as he would desire to. What actions are you able to take? According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Howard Warner said on SEN Radio that “everyone in Australia is aware of the baggy green.”</p>
<p>Shan Masood, the captain of Pakistan, has also begged for government help and a countrywide search in order to locate the cap.</p>
<p>In the meanwhile, Qantas and Cricket Australia (CA) are working together to locate Warner’s hat.</p>
<p>This is the final thing I can do. Our luggage were freighted by Qantas a few days ago. We talked with the Quay West Hotel, whom we completely trust, and they showed us their cameras; no one has entered our rooms. We’ve looked through CCTV footage, and it seems that they have some blind spots,” Warner had said in a video message on Tuesday.</p>
<p>“Unfortunately, my backpack and the gifts my daughters had in it were stolen out of my genuine baggage. My baggy greens were inside this backpack. I would want to hold it again when I go out there later this week since it has emotional value for me. I have an extra backpack available if this is the one you truly wanted. You won’t encounter any difficulties,” he said further.</p>

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