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Salman Khan BLASTS Samarth Jurel, Isha Malviya, and Ankita Lokhande from Bigg Boss 17

<p>Salman Khan’s well-known reality program Bigg Boss 17 sees alarming new developments with each passing week. In a recent development, Abhishek Kumar struck Samarth Jurel with his slap during an altercation that also included Isha Malviya. Abhishek begged to stay in the house, but Bigg Boss granted Captain Ankita Lokhande the authority to determine his destiny, and she decided to kick him from the show. Salman Khan was seen berating the housemates in the most recent teaser for the program for failing to intervene and displaying the same level of rage as Samarth.</p>
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<p>Salman said, “Obviously, Abhishek galat hai,” in the latest teaser. 100% of the time, yes. However, if you are a mukaam and you cannot walk, how can you walk? Blanket, baap, tissue paper, muh main thopna, mental beta, etc. Isn’t it true that Samarth’s hair is darker than its surroundings? Was there anybody who said, “Samarth, what are you doing?” Hey, how are you doing? Mat kar yeh.</p>
<p>“Agar aap Abhishek hote aur Samarth aapke saath yeh karta, toh aap kya karti?” he then questioned Isha Malviya. Isha responded, “Maarti sir, maarti,” to this. “End result aapko yahi chahiye tha na ki voh aap pe haath uthaaye?” Salman questioned Samarth. As you had intended, huh? “Mujhe uske trigger points pata the ki voh mentally itna strong nahi hai,” Samarth said. “Basically, aapko yeh finale chahiye tha ki yeh aisa hoga jo ki aapne successfully haasil kar liya hai,” Salman went on.</p>
<p>Following the online announcement of Abhishek’s expulsion, a number of his admirers flooded social media with messages of support for the actor. Abhishek received support from a number of celebrities, including Riteish Deshmukh and Elvish Yadav. They claimed that since Samarth deliberately incited him, the expulsion was unjust. When Samarth spoke with Munawar Faruqui after the event, he acknowledged that he had deliberately provoked and triggered Samarth.</p>

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