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In the upcoming women-focused movie “AMEENA,” veteran Anant Mahadevan and Rekha Rana deliverers a powerful performance. 

International Award winning actress Rekha Rana and Anant Mahadevan, a veteran Indian screenwriter, actor, and film director of Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil films and television series, will next appear in the women-centric film ‘AMEENA.’ He portrays a stage writer and director in the film and Rekha Rana spoke about the acclaimed actor and appreciated him for his performance. 


Says Rekha Rana ‘ It was a privilege to share screenspace with such a senior actor; she was reluctant performing in front of him since he was so fluent with his speech delivery and portraying his character, that I kept monitoring him throughout his performance and attempted to blend in with him.I can’t thank him enough for his support throughout the shoot of the film. It was a task and obligation to work well with him. 


“Ameena,” is a compelling storytelling inspired by the celebrated play “Yahaan Ameena Bikti Hai” written by the great Urdu writer Mr Aftab Hasnain & Dr. Prof . Kishan Pawar .


This Hindi feature film’s captivating premise and excellent ensemble are sure to fascinate audiences all around the world. Starring Rekha Rana, Anant Mahadevan and Utkarsh Kohli, “Ameena” dives into the dramatic true-life story of a young lady sold into marriage by her own parents, a narrative that resonates with timeless themes of courage, perseverance, and the desire of freedom.


Helmed by visionary Producer and Director Kumar Raj, a Master Mariner in Merchant Navy with worldwide exposure, whose breadth of experience lends overall maturity to the development of such an extraordinary picture. With Rekha Rana, a recipient of 47 international Best Actress awards, delivering breathtaking performances in dual roles, and Anant Mahadevan’s remarkable portrayal adding depth and nuance to the narrative, “Ameena” promises an unforgettable cinematic experience. This is a very powerful women centric film based on a true story.


Shot across picturesque locales spanning France ( Paris & Cannes) , Senegal(Dakar), Togo, Gambia, USA (Los Angeles) , UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) and India (Mumbai & Karjat) , “Ameena” offers a visually stunning tapestry of cultures and emotions, transporting viewers on a transcendent journey of self-discovery and redemption.


As the producers prepare for the global premiere of “Ameena,” the audience is urged to join in honoring the resilient spirit of the human heart and the power of cinema to inspire, provoke, and unite viewers across boundaries.


The film is scheduled to be released around Eid, heightening the expectation and enthusiasm for its release.

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