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Munim GST: A Smart GST Software For CAs, Accountants & Tax Experts

The tech landscape of India is changing at a rapid pace. From Chandrayaan-3 to UPI, the world has witnessed enough technological stealth of India. India is now in talks to build its first semiconductor fabrication facility, which is deemed a significant step from a research and innovation perspective. 


From 81st in 2015 to 40th rank in 2023, India has taken a huge stride in the global innovation index. All credit goes to our new-age startups in diverse fields, including finance.


Recently, we have witnessed a disruption in financial markets with the implementation of the T+0 settlement. After financial markets, now is the time to disrupt accounting and the GST industry. 


With the launch of Munim – India’s most high-tech cloud accounting software– the accounting and compliance industry has been disrupted. Now, we have launched a new product, Munim GST. 


“Being an entrepreneur, I know what difficulties a business faces, especially with startups, from sales, marketing, and hiring to compliance. I have been through all of them. However, compliance is the most complex because you know little about the nitty-gritty of taxation and regulations. Deep down, I knew technology could solve this problem. That’s how I got the idea of Munim. After Munim’s success, we launched a whole new version, Munim GST, which is particularly for accountants and CAs. We wanted to streamline their process. I believe this will lead to creating a differentiator among other GST filing software for professionals in the market.” Priyank Savani, co-founder & CEO. 


Accountants, CAs, and tax consultants were finding it difficult to cope with businesses’ demands. They required modern, fast, and secure digital solutions to scale their service businesses. That is how the idea of Munim GST return filing software came into existence. 


Earlier, the process of filing GST was tiring; there was no single-window solution that could make the process of filing GST returns simpler and faster. Subscribing to separate software for accounting and GST returns reduces the profitability of consulting firms. 


What makes Munim unique is its multipurpose capabilities. It provides features for accounting, billing, inventory management, and GST return filing. It reduces compliance service costs, and the cherry on the cake is that it makes the process of filing returns much simpler, faster, and free from errors. 


Features of Munim GST


The following are the essential features of Munim GST: 


All-in-one GST solution: Munim GST, enables you to file all different types of GSTR within a few seconds, not just for one or two companies, but 100s of companies. 


Create/import multiple companies: Whether you want to create companies directly in this software or import data from any other software, Munim GST has got you covered. 


Multi-user access: This product is specifically for CAs and tax experts; thus, this feature is necessary as they have assistants and trainees. 


Live support chat: If you are stuck and don’t know how to proceed, don’t worry; in a few minutes, you can connect to our support team, and they will help you out. 


“We started from scratch. Now, Munim has garnered 10,000+ users, and 11,500+ businesses are registered with us. Every month, we add a whopping 1500+ new users. This data proves our product is top-notch and helps businesses streamline their accounting processes. For Munim GST, we are expecting a larger user turnout after witnessing the success of Munim’s accounting software. Currently, our accounting software for businesses, as well as GST return filing software for tax professionals, are free to use. As we advance, we will introduce an affordable subscription cost for both the modules.” CA Ajay Savani, co-founder & CMO. 


The support team is just a click away, and the best thing is there’s almost no queuing time. We strive to maintain zero queue time because, being in the business, we know the value of time. We believe that with our diligent dedication and the quality of our product, we will be able to capture a larger market share. 


“Munim started its journey in October 2022; in the beginning, it had only two employees; now, the team comprises 30+ strong members with an in-house team of developers and quality analysts. Until now, businesses have filed 125,000+ GST returns. 10,00,000+ e-invoices and 8,000,00+ e-way bills are generated in total. This data signifies our strong growth story and the trust of our users. We are committed to serving our customers with innovation and integrity.” CA Ajay Savani, co-founder & CMO.


In the Munim GST module, users can file GSTR-1 and CMP-08. Later, Munim will allow users to file GSTR-3B, GSTR-4, GSTR-7, GSTR-8, GSTR-9, GSTR-9C, and ITC-04. We are also planning to incorporate some AI-enabled features to fast-track the compliance process. 



Munim ERP Pvt. Ltd.




For support:, +91 9898665536 

For sales:, +91 9898661036 

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