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Precision Engineering Technologies Announces Strategic Partnership with Nicolás Correa

 Pune, Maharashtra : Precision Engineering Technologies (PETECH), a proud group company of Phillips Machine Tools, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Nicolás Correa, a global leader in advanced machining solutions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in PETECH’s commitment to making advanced and reliable machining solutions more accessible, particularly in the Indian and Malaysian markets.

Designed and manufactured in Spain, Nicolás Correa exports over 90% of its machines to more than 20 countries. It provides the most extensive range of milling solutions in the market, including but not limited to bed machines, gantry machines, floor type machines, and machines with a T-shaped configuration. While the Spanish manufacturer has been in India since 2007, this strategic partnership with PETECH is significant due to PETECH’s extensive network of technical centers across India and Malaysia. PETECH also boasts of unparalleled, comprehensive after-sales and application support, which means customers are assured of exceptional service and expertise.

Nitin Mehra, Director of PETECH and expert on Nicolás Correa, emphasized the strategic alignment of the partnership. He said, “In addition to being a pioneering machining solution provider, Nicolás Correa complements our existing product range perfectly. Their Vertical Machining Centers (VMCs) start from two meters and above, and offer some of the best high-technology machines in the industry. This collaboration, therefore, allows us to meet a broader range of customer needs with precision and efficiency.”

When asked about the reception of their solutions in the Indian market and their strategic vision for growth, Parag Alekar, Chief Executive Officer of Nicolás Correa India, explained, “The Indian machining industry has responded positively to our solutions, especially for critical applications requiring higher accuracy and large volumes with shorter cycle times. We have become the preferred choice for customers needing multi-axis machining, faster changeovers, and higher productivity. Our machines offer a faster return on investment and unmatched reliability.”

Alekar also outlined the industries where Nicolás Correa is making significant inroads, including some of the most demanding production environments. In the energy sector, its solutions are ideal in the production of windmills, pumps, gearboxes, Pelton wheels, generators, engine blocks, and more. Their machines are also useful in transportation, particularly railways, as well as the tooling, landing gears, and structural components required in the aerospace industry. In infrastructure, they are employed in manufacturing tower cranes, construction equipment machinery, etc. Additionally, in the automotive sector, the Spanish machines are especially useful in the production of dies and molds.

According to Alekar, “Nicolás Correa’s strategy to emerge as a global leader in machine tool manufacturing is centered around providing economical machining solutions with high accuracy, along with reliable and timely service. By ensuring our customers’ success with these services, we aim to become the most preferred solutions provider. To capture a larger share of the expanding machining segment, we are heavily investing in application engineering. These engineering teams have the capability to provide turn-key solutions or proving out customer components thus establishing ‘Nicolás Correa’ as a brand offering multiple machining solutions in the most economical and effective way.”

Undoubtedly, this partnership between PETECH and Nicolás Correa is set to redefine machining capabilities in India and Malaysia, offering unparalleled precision, efficiency, and reliability to meet the evolving demands of various industries, all the while making advanced Spanish technology more accessible to Asian manufacturers.

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